Application Guide



Quality Steel wool for extra durability and less shedding. Use the following chart to choose the right grade of Steel Wool to suit your job's needs:

No. 0000 - Finest - For rubbing down the final finishing coats of shellac or varnish. No. 0 - Medium Fine - For cleaning woodwork, painted surface, floors, tile and linoleum.
No. 000 - Extra Fine - For rubbing down paints, varnish and shellac before the final coat. No. 1 - Medium - For cleaning pots, pans and all kitchen utensils. For applying wax and polishing hardwood, tile or linoleum floors.
No. 00 - Very Fine - Used for polishing of all metals, cleaning insects and grit from chrome and glass No. 2 - Coarse - For removing old paint and rust. For cleaning machinery, tools and garden implements.
  No. 3 - Very Coarse - For smoothing rough surfces and removing varnish and old paint.